воскресенье, 23 декабря 2012 г.


I've recently introduced myself to "".

Its not just another social network, but a place where you can share your stories.

My first story is about city I've always been found of.
Ever since I was a little kid and watched "Home Alone 2", I've always dreamt of visiting it.

Last January my dream came true, I've booked tickets, hotel, got visa and took of for 10 days.

I still remember the feelings I've experienced the second I landed and got out of the Airport in Queens.
Its always been a city-through-movie to me, so seeing all this in reality: yellow cabs, heights, broadway, avenue's, stores - utterly shocked me.

And yes there streets made me feel brand new and lights inspired me.

So if you want to see my very short story on storify - feel free to click on "Storify" tab on the headline of my blog.

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