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Question/Answer - Kenza

Kenza Zouiten is a famous fashion blogger. She's living in Sweden and her blog is known worldwide.

She is not only a blogger, but also a TV-host, model and soon to be singer.

So here is the question / answer part:

Q: When was your first "model" experience?
A: When I was 11-12.

Q: How do your friends see you? Is there any difference between "blog-you" and "real-you"?
A: They find me fun, and nice, otherwise they wouldn't be my friends. But in my blog I am the real me, just more in a more short-cut way.

Q: How do your readers behave when they see you?
A: Some of them are more talkative than the others. Some says that they love me and would be happy if we took picture together. Sometimes people just stand beside me and take pictures of me silently. Well, at least say hello or something? haha. 

Q: How your days look like, when you dont blog, days without work? Do you have enough of spare time?
A: I work everyday at home. Blog is not my work. I have different projects I work with. Well I don't have more spare time than people with "normal" work. Yes I can take vacation whenever I want, but not for how long I want. Right now I am searching for a place to be my own office!

Q: Whats the project you are working on now?
A: Something I've really been dreaming of doing for a long time... For the past few years I've designer jewelry  shoes, clothes for other brands. Right now I want to work for myself. Create my own brand! This is the project I am working on now.

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